North Pine Baptist Soccer Club fields a number of teams in the Senior Mens and Women's divisions of the Baptist Football Queensland competition.  if you would like to enrol in this program, please complete the appropriate form below.  The forms on the left are for the Men's competition registrations, and the Women's competition registrations are on the right.  For each registration, there are the following options (please complete the appropriate form):

  • Registering as a full-time player with payment in full up-front

  • Registering as a part-time player (ie you will play fewer than 6 games through the season) - full payment up front is required to cover insurances and administration


By completing the form below, you are agreeing that your have read, understand and abide by the following:


I hereby apply for registration with Baptist Football Queensland Incorporated (BFQ) to play for North Pine Baptist Soccer Club for the 2020 season.


I agree to abide by the Constitution, Competition Rules and Players Code of Conduct of BFQ.


I understand that:

  • In the interest of safety for all players, BFQ requires that ALL players shall wear appropriate shin pads and footwear as approved by the referee controlling each game during all matches sanctioned by BFQ

  • The association offers player's injury insurance to all of its registered players whilst participating in or training for BFQ sanctioned activities

  • The provision of personal income protection insurance to cover me when training for and playing matches sanctioned by BFQ is my own responsibility, and should I require such insurance it is my personal responsibility to arrange this independently of the association through a suitably registered insurer or insurance agent

  • I understand and agree that whilst BFQ will strive to enhance player safety at all of its sanctioned games, BFQ and its Office Bearers accepts no responsibility or liability for any and all injuries or loss of income incurred by me as a player involved in or training for BFQ sanctioned matches

  • I declare that I have NO pre-existing medical conditions or ailments that could be harmful to myself or others whilst training for or playing in BFQ sanctioned activities

  • I have read BFQ Player Code of Conduct and agree to abide by it whilst playing in and training for sanctioned BFQ activities

  • I make myself available for selection to BFQ representative football teams - if you do not wish to be available for selection to BFQ representative teams, please submit an email to 


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